Our Verification Levels

At ListBuilders, we prioritize accuracy and trustworthiness in our data collection and verification processes. To meet diverse needs, we offer three distinct levels of data verification.

Level 1: Email Verification

Our foundational offering, Level 1, is centered on providing:

  • Verified email addresses, ensuring you only receive active, valid contact points.
  • A guarantee of accuracy; if any information is incorrect, we commit to replacing the data free of charge.

This reliable and accurate set of email addresses and direct dials, where available, forms the basis of your solid, trustworthy prospect list.

Level 2: Extended Data and Customer Activity Analysis

Level 2 extends the benefits of Level 1 and offers additional value by providing:

  • Additional data points for a more comprehensive understanding of each prospect.
  • Analysis of customer activity, informing you of the best channels and times to reach potential clients.

This enriched data set empowers you to optimize your outreach efforts, targeting the right prospects at the right time through the most effective channels.

Level 3: Advanced Phone Number Verification

Our premium offering, Level 3, builds on the comprehensive features of Levels 1 and 2, offering:

  • Advanced phone number verification, ensuring you receive only the most reliable and accurate contact numbers.
  • A comprehensive, reliable, and actionable data set, enabling effective outreach campaigns.

Level 3 equips you with the highest-quality prospect list, enhancing both the scope and the potential success of your campaigns.

Each verification level offered by ListBuilders is designed to provide an accurate, trustworthy, and compliant set of data. We believe that providing high-quality, verified data is fundamental to effective prospecting and building strong relationships with potential clients.