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ELIMINATE bounces and BOOK more meetings guarantee*

How does it work?

Tell us about your customer

We’ll go through your ICP and start building your prospect lists immediately

Get leads on demand

Once you’re signed up, we’ll work to curate your data and get it to you without delay. If you ever want a top-up, just contact us and they’ll be with you

Start booking meetings

You’ve got your leads, start contacting people and securing meetings straight away. Our integrations tools allow you to start using the data straight away in your CRM of choice

Why ListBuilders?

Why use us when you can just generate your own prospecting lists?

Use our lists to add $$ to your revenue and say NO to bounce rates

Don’t waste your reps valuable time when they should be selling. Using quality data will save each rep a minimum of 8 hours per week and ELIMINATE your bounces

Altug Kop - CEO @ Yukari SEO

"Using ListBulders for my outreach campaigns has helped my business grow. Only last week we acquired a new customer that will dwarf the investment into this service. The exponential growth will mean the ROI is huge."


Serena Gasparini - CEO @ Sense & Forum Community Management

"I have a team that does outreach for me however they spent most of their time compiling lists and double checking stuff with me. I needed a solution to make them more productive and generate more high quality meetings so I can grow my community management business. I was introduced to ListBuilders and am about to close my biggest ever deal from a lead included in my first month"


Ed Halsey - COO @ hubb insure

"I used ListBuilders to generate a prospecting list recently. I was dubious as I've purchased data in the past and it has been out of date or the emails would bounce. I had someone go through the data and it was super accurate and all email addresses were verified. I can't wait to sign up"


We GUARANTEE you more booked meetings

If you do not book more qualified meetings from our lists in the first 3 months we’ll give you a further month of free access to our curated lists

We go through thousands of businesses every single month. This data is curated and we only focus on the businesses with a budget and most likely to be ready to buy. We focus on key data points and share the information directly with you

Allowing you to focus on what you're good at

Save time and money by using high quality data with up to 20 data points

Don’t waste time scouring LinkedIn for leads. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you so you can concentrate on delivering an awesome product or service


We ensure all the data we provide is up to date with all the data protection requirements of GRPR & CCPA/CPRA


All our data is up to date and accurate. We are constantly checking to ensure this is the case and continue to ELIMINATE bounces

Our Tech Stack

Is big and is our largest cost as a business. We invest in this tech and provide you with the curated information so you don't have to

100's Of Hours Research

We don't just send data lists. We spend 100's of hours researching this data and pulling in information from different sourses


This investment into your business will pay for itself several times over with just a single new customer

You're Winning

For businesses getting started with outbound calling & email and need better data
$ 497 Monthly
  • Ideal Customer Profile <> Prospect Match
  • 500 Perfectly Curated Leads Sourced
  • Integration With Your CRM
  • Cold Calling Guide
  • Cold E-mail Guide
  • C-Level Verified E-mails
  • Key Data Points For Each Company
  • Benefit From Our Tech Stack
  • Benefit From Our Key Research

Scale Quickly

More leads straight to your inbox. For those businesses looking to scale faster with more data
$ 747 Monthly
  • Everything In The Winning Plan....PLUS...
  • Verified Cell Numbers*
  • Verified Direct Dial Numbers*
  • An Additional 400 Curated Leads

Bespoke Sourcing

We'll work out a bespoke plan tailored just for you and your business. Schedule a call with us now
$ Custom Per data point
  • Bespoke Data & Lead Sourcing Plan
  • You Tell Us What You Need

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s a great question and actually it was the problems faced by using tools like these that lead to the creation of ListBuilders. 

The data you get from ListBuilders is different. It is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars of investment in world class tools to put together. 

We are not focusing on quantity of leads. It would be very easy to give you a list of 5000 new contacts but the quality will be poor. We focus on getting on you quality data that meets our expectation and that we would be happy to use for ourselves.

We want our clients to grow together with us so it is in our interest to give you the best possible data to help you thrive.

Specifically, common problems faced which you won’t have with ListBuilders – 

 – Data Accuracy. We double and triple check our data before we give it to you. We make sure its up to date, valid and accurate.

 – Cost. Subscription tools can soon mount up for all these tools. We source the data and validate it for you so we’re sure at the time of sourcing, it is accurate.

 – User Interface. There’s no need to learn a new tool. You’ll get the data integrated straight into your CRM.

 – Customer Support. Our specialist support team is always helpful and responsive to your needs. 

When we start working together, we’ll identify your ICP and focus on providing accurate data in your chosen Industry, Niche, Geography and Job Title. 

We focus on businesses based in the US, Europe, UK, Canada and Australia. We also include businesses from developing markets such as Africa and South and Central America.

There may be at times some exceptions to this where we feel there are exciting opportunities so we will include this data.

The bottom line is, you tell us your ICP – or we’ll help you work it out and we’ll get the leads straight to you.

We help our customers access data from various niches. We specialize in data from public services and government. Our team of data analysts are the best in the world at getting the data that scraping tools and data aggregators traditionally struggle with. We are able to manually source data accurately and at speed where required.

Okay –  how about 25 free leads to get you started? Book a call with our team and we’ll send you some leads to get you started.

Cold emailing is absolutely NOT illegal — as long as your outreach strategy complies with the relevant national and state laws applicable. We and the the companies we partner with are fully compliant with regulations.